The Event

Today is the day! The Pittsburgh Sports Report Spring Round-Up presented by NLSA is finally here!!! I’m so excited yet nervous at the same time. Hopefully nothing goes wrong. We did get some last minute additions to the guest list, so that was a little nerve wracking but I managed to figure everything out and a crisis was averted. I’ll check back with a post event recap!

So the ever went great! Only one table had 11 people instead of 10 and that wasn’t because of something l had done or a mistake I had made. No, they just brought an extra person! The panelists were really entertaining, and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves! Overall, I think it was a great success and I can’t wait for next year!!!


Training Session

Today was mostly spent in training. NLSA is in the process of converting to DonorPro and a few of the tech support people stopped by and gave everyone a basic overview and tutorial on how to use the system. I myself am pretty familiar with how to use DonorPro having used it while working in the Development and Alumni Relations Office at Point Park  so much of the this training was really review for me. Then about an hour or so after that training,  I sat down with a few folks and went over how to enter different types of gifts and just more general things. Sometimes when your first learning something it helps to have people show you exactly what to do so you have that sort of visual aid to remember and that is what I did for them. Everyone seemed to think it was helpful and I certainly hope so. Then after that I just continued on with the Data Entry for that big mailing.


First Week

My first week working for NLSA was a lot of fun! I got o meet everyone I will be working with over the next 12 weeks.  My boss just pretty much when over how things work and what will be expected of me as the internship will progress. The first thing I got to work on entering these different constituent lists into DonorPro in preparation for a big mailing that will be going out sometime in May.  After I was fone with that I had to make sure they were all in the same group and then I had to generate a report from that group which would list every constituent’s address, job title and things like that. Once that was completed I emailed it to my boss and began working on the DonorPro Data Entry manual I have to produce by the end of my internship. I also found out that I will be training some co-workers in DonorPro Gift Entry the next time I am in the office. This made me slightly nervous because I’m not really sure how much authority I have to necessarily be teaching people how to use DonorPro but I will do my best. Overall, I think I’m going to really learn a lot and truly enjoy this internship.